What does Aussie Plasma Cutting do?

At Aussie Plasma Cutting we can create  beautiful, affordable and durable CNC plasma cut steel pieces for your home or garden. From small signs to large landscape sculptural works, to murals for your outside areas Aussie Plasma Cutting has all your plasma cutting needs covered. In fact anything you wish to create can be made at Aussie Plasma Cutting! If you have a design in mind, Aussie Plasma Cutting can help you design it and then manufacture it for you in our Mandurah workshop. Or, you can choose from one of our ready made designs that we feature at our showroom or design book.

A little bit of history behind weathering steel

Weathering steel is a high strength, low alloy steel that was originally developed by United States Steel in the 1930s to resist corrosion and abrasion in their ore wagons. It was given the trade name Cor-ten, and was first used in construction on the John Deere World Headquarters building in Moline, Illinois, which opened in 1964. Since then, the use of weathering steel has spread worldwide.

Distinct Australian buildings including MONA and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art have incorporated into their design ‘weathering steel’. This product  or ‘Corten steel’ is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting. It is very low maintenance and can last for years with little no corrosion.


This amazing water feature is made of weatheing steel. Note the rusty, weathered patina.

This amazing water feature is made of weatheing steel. Note the rusty, weathered patina.

What is weathering steel?

Weathering steel which is a product that has a unique look which displays a distinctive patina or rust like appearance which intensifies when exposed to the elements.  In simple terms the steel is allowed to rust and that rust forms a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion making it last many times longer than other convention steels and alloys. Weathering steel is perfect for Mandurah and Perth’s coastal environment.

How does the rusting, weathering process work?

Weathering steel  never completely stops rusting although it almost appears so. Unlike conventional steels, it does stop leaching once it reaches it’s aged or cured stage which can be as little as a few weeks with a bit of mechanical assistance. At Aussie Plamsa Cutting we can initially treat the item before you take delivery to start the rusting process but in most cases it won’t really develop true patina look until it’s exposed to moisture. The weathering process eventually decreases and from that point on the finish acts as a protective coating for the base metal. This protective coating essentially stops the corrosion.

Does it continue to weather?

Some customers also express the desire to retain that multi-colored soft look. Essentially once the oxidising or rusting process starts it will always continue to some extent but it can be almost stopped by sealing the item from moisture. In our experience some products have proven more successful than others and we’re more than happy to share those successes with you for both indoor and outdoor situations. Just bear in mind weathering steel is designed to be a maintenance free material and once you apply any coating it will always have a service life but with weathering steel you can always sand blast it back to bare metal and start again.

Corten, weathering steel light towers.

Corten, weathering steel light towers.


How can you test for authenticity?

At Aussie Plasma Cutting we believe in quality and producing products that will stand the test of time. A quick way to check if the piece your looking at is really weathering steel is to give it the bend test. Remember the “ten” in Corten stands for tensile. If you can easily bend it by hand, even on lighter gauge, chances are it’s not the real McCoy, actually you can be certain it isn’t. All of the 1.6mm Corten we use is imported from the US, the 3mm and 5 mm we use is a Bluescope product made here in Australia. We have been offered other imported material for a cheaper price but at Aussie Plamsa cutting we would rather pay a little more for the reassurance of quality material that does last.

How to contact us

If you want beautiful high quality steel that is locally made or imported from the US, with a rusty patina look that is going to last, Aussie Plasma Cutting and Corten weathering steel is a fantastic choice. Drop into our workshop/showroom at 1 Rafferty Road or head to the Aussie Plasma Cutting website to view our product range. To speak to Murray, please call the shop on (08) 9557 5047 or 0407 682 761. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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