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The Thylacine (or most commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger) is a carnivorous marsupial and was native to Australia until the arrival of the dingo. The tiger is described as a striped wolf with a dog’s head.

The tiger has not been officially seen on the mainland for over two hundred years, but survived in Tasmania as late as the 1900’s (as the dingo was never introduced there). The last known Thylacine named “Benjamin”, died in the Hobart Zoo in 1936. Following Benjamin’s death the State of Tasmania put the tiger on it’s official Coat of Arms.

Evidence of the creatures existence in the South West area were discovered, when Thylacine bones were unearthed at the Mammoth Cave , near Margaret River. The bones are on display inside the cave, but unfortunately they date back thousands of years.

Measuring (approx.)1050mm x 610mm

Choose From Either The Open or Closed Mouth Option.

Available in Either a Raw Corten Steel or a Powder Coated Finish.Powder Coating will be in Satin Black unless otherwise arranged at the time of placing your order.

Please Allow an Extra Week On Delivery for Powder Coated Products.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 1050 × 610 mm

Open Mouthed, Closed Mouthed


Raw, Powder Coated


Garden Stake, No Stake

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