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Grass Tree Sculpture Rebar and pipe

Grass Tree Sculpture Rebar and pipe

These magnificent grass tree sculptures are all individually made so each one is quite different and unique and sure to make a statement in any yard or garden.

Each grass tree starts with a heavy 5.0mm thick plate raised base which has provision for mounting bolts or rag bolt installation. The trunk is then made with random cut segments of heavy duty 219mm structural pipe which then separate to two branches of 168mm structural pipe to form the two heads. The two large leaf groups are formed using curved 6.0mm solid rebar to give character and then topped with bent and welded flower stalks again made with heavy rebar and pipe.

As each one is individually made the sizes vary and prices quoted are using the approximate height to the top of the trunk where the higher leaf set mounts. This gives a truer indication of size rather than to the top of the flower stalk as the heights of those can vary considerably but generally add about a metre to 1500mm to the trunk height.

These grass trees are also made with transport and installation in mind so they can breakdown by removing the flower stalks to separate each leaf set. For shipping costs please enquire directly as each one varies as does location.


– Grass Trees – 

Grass trees are very much part of the Australian landscape and uniquely Australian. They fascinated the first European settlers, since they were unlike any other known plant. In fact, they are a living fossil developed early in the evolutionary stakes for flowering plants.

Lumbered with a difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to spell botanical name of Xanthorrhoea, they have recently become prized for their landscape attributes

Due To The Size And Weight Of These Pieces, Unfortunately Postage Is Not An Option, However Local Delivery Can Be Arranged.

Prices listed are indicative of sizing approximation.

Prior to ordering please check the manufacturing lead time as these rarely remain in stock and are generally made to order.


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Weight 250 kg

1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm

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