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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have standard designs ?
Yes, we do have many standard designs for many applications which can be made as is or altered to suit your requirements but we can also mix and match items or create a completely new item  for you.
What if I only have an idea, can you help?
Absolutely, as long as we can interpret what your after we can work with you to create exactly what your after.
Do you cut metal only?
Yes, the plasma cutting process is not suitable for cutting other mediums like plastics, timber, glass or ceramic. For this you would need to seek out a laser or water jet cutter.
What metals do you cut?
The plasma cutting process is designed and works best with carbon steels including mild steel, both hot and cold rolled as well as many special carbon steels including Corten, Bisaloy and Xlerplate. It will also cut stainless steels, aluminium, copper, titanium and some bronze alloys but will not provide the same edge quality as carbon steel.
How thick can you cut?
With our current setup we only cut up to 10 mm or 3/8″ in imperial measure in carbon steel, thinner in other metals.
How thin can you cut ?
Realistically we can cut from wafer thin but it’s not really practical as the cut quality is very much dependent on travel speed and to maintain accuracy our maximum travel speed is around 8000 mm per minute so to maintain good edge quality while maintaining design integrity we can realistically from 0.8 mm.

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